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DIY-Taxes (TaxSlayer FSA) - Shared screen with speaker view
Greg McDonald
can hear
suzanne Harris (AKA Yeomans)
Will all these slides be available to train/propose to my coalition of partners OR do I have to take lots of notes?
Kristie Weiland Stagno
did they make an appointment to do it themself or for traditional VITA? how did you manage appointment schedule?
Cara Cardotti
Would you be willing to share the screenshot guide with attendees?
Rae Pilarski
@Suzanne (and others furiously scribbling notes), the recording will be posted here: http://earnitkeepitsaveit.org/fsa.
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
@Kristie: they made a general appointment and when they came in, we screened them for eligibility and if they were eligible for FSA, they did their taxes themselves. If not, we did their taxes with a certified VITA volunteer.
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
@Cara: the screenshot guides can be downloaded here: https://earnitkeepitsaveit.org/fsa/
mindy Maupin
I'd like the screenshot guide and wrap up sheet as well
Teresa Hinze
Can you confirm if there is no income limit for TaxSlayer FSA?
suzanne Harris (AKA Yeomans)
we'd thought of anchoring this option nad idea up at 2-1-1 when people call for an appt. if they have a "simple" return - like 1 or more w-2s. They can just walk in and get help with taxes. Think managing people making an appt on line and then not showing ; then our volunteers we staff room with would be upset if they didnt show. Like the walk in option on a first come first served. Is there a time limit on a walk-in computer as I understood they can also take the URL home with them and finish it there?
suzanne Harris (AKA Yeomans)
Can they input an ITIN? It just said social secrity number...
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
@Suzanne: The special (site-specific) URL is only needed when creating the taxpayer’s account. Once the account has been created, if the taxpayer wants to revisit their tax return later, they can just go to TaxSlayer.com (without the special URL) and login to their account and the tax return preparation will still be free (since their account was created with the special URL).
Cara Cardotti
Can State returns through TaxSlayer be e-filed as well?
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
@Suzanne: We never had any ITIN clients but I think ITINs should work too.
suzanne Harris (AKA Yeomans)
state too at the same time?
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
@Cara: TaxSlayer can e-file state returns if the federal return uses a 1040 instead of a 1040NR. Foreign Student returns use a 1040NR so their state returns have to be paper filed.
Thanks for sharing. Makes my job easy.
Jennifer Gaudet
I know you spent a lot of time putting all of this information together. Would it be possible though to have the guides downloaded so that we can change the information to make it specific to our site? For example change California to our state, etc.
Teresa Hinze
do you have a guide to help people coming in to determine whether they will be a regular 1040 or an NR? Assuming some taxpayers don't know which to use.
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
@Teresa: Please see page L-1 of Pub 4012 for a decision tree to determine whether a taxpayer is a resident for tax purposes (1040) or a nonresident for tax purposes (1040NR).
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
mary meador
Thank you so much for sharing!!!
Abbie Watton
Greetings from Seattle's UW. Thank you for hosting this seminar! I'm excited to discuss this model with my team.
Jennifer Gaudet
You did a wonderful job with this, thank you for sharing with the rest of us!
Magesh (Sacred Heart Community Service, San Jose)
@Jennifer: The guides are currently downloadable in PDF format. If you need to make changes (for example for a different state) perhaps United Way Bay Area can give you the PPT files that can be edited. Please ask them.
Lance Perkins
Is it one FSA link per program, or would each FSA site have their own link?
Jennifer Gaudet
Ok, thank you!
Lance Perkins
Thanks! Quick follow up, is that for stand alone or fusion? Sorry
Lance Perkins
Thanks! :)